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Need help re-entering the workforce, becoming your own boss as an entrepreneur, or deciding how to achieve your next capital venture? Maybe you just want to find a way to be happy and successful in your current place of employment. We provide services to all levels of professionals. We will connect you with a SympLiving practitioner who can assist you in furthering your success. You will receive guidance on any issues relating to your occupational goals. Some topics may include professional advancement, business readiness, multicultural issues in the workplace, interpersonal communication and conflict resolution, goal setting, and finding balance between personal and professional life.

We know work can keep you very busy, so feel free to schedule a live session with your practitioner during a lunch break, while you're on the treadmill, or take advantage of a long commute and take your practitioner with you.

  • 55 percent of workers say they are dissatisfied with their jobs
  • Only 20 percent feel very passionate about their jobs
  • 33 percent believe they have reached a dead end in their career
  • 21 percent are eager to change careers
  • Younger workers are the most distressed and feel very little loyalty to their employers
  • Small firm employees feel far more engaged in their work than their corporate counterparts
  • Job security, health care coverage and professional development are valued above additional compensation

[1]The New Employee/Employer Equation Survey was conducted by Harris Interactive, Inc., a leading market research firm, and included responses from a nationwide sample of 7,718 American employees 18 and over.

We do not give legal advice in any capacity. All professional development services are to be used for your individual professional growth only.

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