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Make your company the best it can be! Promote a healthy workplace, exceed professional standards and boost productivity for a better bottom line. By joining up with SympLiving, you add measurable value to your company.

Business Incubation Services

Grow your business, mold your staff, and stay on the cutting edge with SympLiving. SympLiving will provide guidance and support on issues facing your business and help you prepare for the future. We offer support to your organizational management team, evaluate and train management and staff, provide technology services and assist in creating a workspace which promotes efficacy and growth.

Depending on your needs, you may be assigned to several practitioners. This allows you to receive specialized collaborative support services in one easy location. We will create a team of consultants that you can turn to day or night for anything you might need pertaining to the success of your business.

If your business is in the fledgling stages, congratulations on your new venture! SympLiving can help you create a successful business. We can help you create and implement an overall success plan and provide rich technology services.

SympLiving will even come to you for a direct personal consultation. We’ll help you create a space that allows for optimum prosperity, work directly with your staff and management, or evaluate your current technology position. We will create proposals to improve current company wide systems and assist you in implementing them.


Package includes - unlimited messaging and one weekly 45 minute real-time chat, voice or face-to-face meeting with the practitioner of your choosing. Additional real-time interactions for you or your staff can be added at any time.

Employee Benefit Package

Mental Health Services

Prevention and treatment of employee mental, emotional, and behavioral issues can have a drastic positive impact on your company. It’s known to yield better job performance, team morale, interpersonal and professional relationships and improve employee health.

Promoting social-emotional well-being leads to higher overall quality of life and sense of well being. Employers can see direct positive effects via heightened productivity, better training outcomes, improved employee interpersonal relations lower absenteeism, improved job satisfaction and higher job retention.

Fitness and Nutrition Services

Today’s workforce suffers a high rate of employee absenteeism and staff working while ill or while feeling lethargic. This is because the majority of Americans currently have an under active lifestyle and their average diet exceeds healthy daily recommendations according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The SympLiving Fitness and Nutrition Practitioners help your employees take control of their bodies through diet, exercise and alternative naturopathic medical techniques like herbal medicine, exercise (qigong), and dietary therapy. Taking advantage of these benefits will lower the rate of employee absenteeism, while significantly reducing illness and lethargy. Better physical and dietary health leads to naturally higher motivation, improved concentration, heightened endurance, lower overall healthcare costs, lower absenteeism, decreased work related injuries, enhanced creativity and overall improved sense of happiness and well-being.

Professional Development Services

Encourage occupational excellence. Let us help mold your staff into the professionals you know they can be. We will do what you may not have the time, patience or resources to do. Connect your employees with SympLiving practitioners who can teach them what it means to “be a professional”. Your staff will receive guidance on a multitude of issues.

Some topics may include work ethic, appropriate workplace behavior, professional attire, multicultural issues in the workplace, interpersonal communication skills, conflict resolution techniques, creating and maintaining a safe working environment, taking responsibility for and ownership of one’s work, goal setting techniques, separation of personal and professional life, how to find balance in the workplace, and how to handle increased responsibility.

Benefits Include

  • Per employee, per week...
    • Unlimited text, voice and HD video messaging
    • 30 minute Live Session with Practitioner;
      Chat, Voice, or Video
    • Two fitness classes per month
    • Unlimited a la carte usage
  • Tailor your impact

Employee Benefits

Taking care of your employees means taking care of your bottom line.

Business Incubation

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Personal Consultations

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Employee engagement is the most important management function to succeed in business today. This is the process of leading people by enabling them to want to do the necessary work which ensures steady high performance and success of the business. The output of engagement is willingness. It works like this; engagement predicts willingness, willingness predicts effort, and intensity of effort drives business results. The complexity lies in knowing the most influential motivators of engagement that influence employee willingness. Evidenced by the two lists, providing SympLiving services to your staff will satisfy many of these criteria with the click of a button.

Upon sign up, your business will be assigned a directory which will allow you to manage your account with ease. From your directory you can add and remove employees, make adjustments to packages, purchase and assign a la carte minutes (often used as employee incentives, gifts, awards, bonuses), view employee activity, and communicate with some employee assigned practitioners. You can even request custom group classes for your staff and employees.

  • 55 percent of workers say they are dissatisfied with their jobs
  • 33 percent believe they have reached a dead end in their career
  • 21 percent are eager to change careers
  • Younger workers are the most distressed and feel very little loyalty to their employers
  • Job security, health care coverage and professional development are valued above additional compensation

for increasing
employee job satisfaction

  • Help your staff become self-aware. Gaining an objective understanding of one’s abilities, preferences values and interests is fundamental in career development.
  • Encourage them to identify and correct their job satisfaction deterrents and learn what is satisfying in their work.
  • Develop a relationship with a SympLiving practitioner who can provide support and objective feedback on career development and expectations.

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