A person who works in a professional, medical or legal business: a person who regularly does an activity that requires skill or practice.

- Merriam Webster. (n.d.). Practitioner.

SympLiving is a national network of practitioners that offers confidential mental health, fitness and occupational support services. We are committed to empowering individuals, families and businesses in identifying and achieving their mental, physical, nutritional and occupational goals through our collaborative care network.

We're on the cutting edge

Online counseling is the fastest growing method of mental health treatment. It is on course to become as mainstream as face-to-face counseling. SympLiving allows you to be current and move ahead with evolving industry standards.

The use of online counseling has been validated by the US Federal government and most states.

This is evidenced by the billions of dollars dedicated to setting up and delivering telemental health services through the DOD and the installment of the federal and regional offices advancing telehealth.

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Advances in encryption and video and cloud computing have created new possibilities for HIPAA compliant distance practices. SympLiving makes it possible for online practitioners to be HIPAA compliant for video, voice and text based services even in low bandwidth areas. We provide a safe, ethical and legal online practice platform.

Kate Frostad - Owner

Katie Frostad-Tacker
MA, LPC, NCC - Founder & CEO
Nationally Certified, Licensed Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselor

We all have dreams as children of what we will be when we grow up. When I was very young I wanted to be the first female firefighter, then a veterinarian, an astronaut, a dancer, an ethologist, and a mother. As I grew older my love of dancing and animals remained, as did my desire for adventure. After seeing my most precious dream realized when I became a mother, my hope to make a positive impact on the world became an underlying fundamental need.

This, at the end of the day, is what led me to become a clinical mental health counselor and create a business model that has the capacity to make a global impact for the good. With SympLiving, I hope to help as many people as possible live enriched lives through providing services that promote mental, physical, nutritional and occupational health, thus creating a platform for happiness.

Happiness comes from the ability to recognize one’s own path, potential, and positive growth. This ultimately provides purpose and hope which can lead to independence, self-actualization, and autonomy. Although autonomy is deeply important, community is also key because love and belonging are critical basic biological needs which drive human behavior. Therefore our services are geared to couples and families as well as individuals. Finally, SympLiving gives back with every new client because we believe access to opportunities for growth, love and belonging, and self-actualization should be an inalienable human right.

Dedicated to my beloved children; Ethan, Cheyenne and Clay.

Special credit and gratitude to my supportive husband and best friend, David.

You're welcome to view my Personal Counseling Theory for a better understanding of why this company came to be.