SympLiving is a national network of practitioners that offers confidential health and occupational support services. We're committed to empowering individuals and families to identify and achieve their mental, physical, nutritional and occupational goals through our collaborative care network.

Sow seeds of hope while you grow

We donate $20 to a cause of your choice with every new subscription. If you're not a client but still want to give, SympLiving is happy to pass your generosity along with gratitude.

SympLiving puts wellness at your fingertips. We make mental health care more available than ever, and we recognize that wellness requires both a sound mind and body so we provide nutritional health and fitness services as well. To build upon mind/body wellness we promote professional wellness designed to help you secure the life you desire. Our mission is to enrich people’s lives by providing convenient and safe care for the whole person.

Mental Health

Lead a happier healthier life when you receive mental health care with SympLiving. Discover new ways to live, work, learn, participate fully in your community and improve your relationships. Tele-therapy is the process of providing real-time text, voice or face-to-face video counseling services through the internet. Services are provided via a secure and encrypted HIPAA compliant platform using the latest in privacy technology. This allows you to meet with your practitioner via a secure and private internet server. SympLiving values your privacy, so we encourage you to have a distraction free environment when using this service.

Nutrition and Fitness

SympLiving Fitness and Nutrition Practitioners help you reshape and retake your life. Construct the perfect diet with your Nutritionist or licensed Dietitian. Want a naturalistic approach to a healthy lifestyle? See our Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners like Naturopaths and Herbalists! Build your body with our physical fitness practitioners and connect with a personal trainer or weight management professional. Schedule a live session with your practitioner at a time you plan to be at the gym or on your bike and take your practitioner with you for guided motivation.

Professional Development

Need help re-entering the workforce, becoming your own boss as an entrepreneur, maybe you just want to find a way to be happy and successful in your current place of employment. We provide services to all levels of professionals. We will connect you with a SympLiving practitioner who can assist you in furthering your success. You will receive guidance on issues relating to your occupational goals.

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The Corporate Collection

Make your company the best it can be! Promote a healthy workplace, exceed professional standards and boost productivity for a better bottom line. By joining up with SympLiving you add measurable value to your company.

Business Incubation Services

SympLiving helps companies to develop by providing services such as management and employee training, organizational management support, office space configuration, technology consultations, and web and software development services. The National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) defines business incubators as a catalyst tool for either regional or national economic development. We offer expert mentorship and resources while pushing your company forward. The joy of joining SympLiving is intimately connected to the task at hand: your success.

Employee Benefit Package

With SympLiving, you will offer a better employee benefit package which includes health benefits (mental health, nutritional health, and natural health), physical fitness benefits (including personal training and real time exercise classes), and professional development services. This makes your company more competitive, raises employee satisfaction and retention, allows for higher quality recruits, promotes company wide growth and ultimately boosts profit margins.